Yumiko Takano (Japan)

Yumiko Takano (MA, Environmental Security and Governance, UN-Mandated University for Peace, Costa Rica, MA, Global Politics, Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines; BA, Extended Major in Peace and Conflict Studies, minor in Spanish language, University of Queensland, Australia).

Her recent research has focused on the Pro-Poor Value Chain Analysis of Community-Based Ecotourism in Barangay Laiban in the Philippines. In addition, Yumiko served as sustainability consultant at the University in Costa Rica as well as co-founder and outreach and engagement assistant of an environmental sustainability hub called UPEACE Green Office in Costa Rica, which was later incorporated to the Operations Department at the UN-Mandated University for Peace with the aim of enhancing its environmental governance more strategically in the long term.

As for some of her significant publications, she co-authored ‘Environmental Impact Report 2018-2019’, ‘Initiativ Juli 2019-Rundbrief 155’, and ‘Pro-Poor Value Chain Analysis Report of the Community-Based Ecotourism in the Barangay Laiban in the Philippines’. She is currently working on a book chapter publication with world renowned researchers and experts on the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals.

Yumiko speaks five languages including Japanese, English, German, Spanish and French.  She had living experiences in 6 different countries including Japan, Australia, Mexico, Germany, Costa Rica and the Philippines.