Welcome to In Peace, Amr! This site presents the work that Dr. Amr Abdalla, Professor Emeritus at the University for Peace, and his colleagues have carried out over the years.  For almost three decades, Dr. Abdalla has engaged actively in education, research, training and evaluation of projects related to peace and conflict resolution.  Through it all, numerous young people, including graduate students and young professionals, have contributed significantly to such work.

In this site we included descriptions of projects we worked on, and included several teaching, training and community resources on topics related to peace and conflict resolution worldwide.  Please feel free to download any of the resources on this site.

About the name of the site, for many years Dr. Abdalla has developed the habit of signing off on emails and letters with the words “In Peace“.  This became his  trade mark, and indeed inspired many others to follow suit.  So we decided to make it the name and logo of our website as it conveys much of what we stand for.