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Dr. Amr introduces the background of the “In Peace Stories”, and explains their focus, relevance to peace and conflict resolution, and, hopefully, benefits to all viewers!

Episode 1: Soup or Piaju!

In this episode, Dr. Amr shares a story about his first day of Ramadan after marrying his Bangladeshi wife, Sharmin. Surely, culture dictates so much of what and who we are, especially what we crave in certain occasions!

Episode 2: The Goat!

In this episode, Dr. Amr shares a story about his evaluation of a peacebuilding project in Rwanda in 2002. Learn why goats were so important in this story!

Episode 3: Hunger!

In this episode, Dr. Amr shares his encounter with members of the Batwa ethnic group in Rwanda. A life-changing encounter as Dr. Amr says!

Episode 4: Violence and Non-Violence

In this episode Dr. Amr recounts a true story that took place in one of his UPEACE classes. The story leaves us with many questions and reflections on how we understand and practice non-violence.

Episode 5: Conflict De-escalation- Hiroshima Style!

In this episode, Dr. Amr recounts a story of a domestic conflict that took place in the city of Hiroshima and how the parties managed to de-escalate it in the most unexpected manner, and the reactions of Dr. Amr’s Japanese hosts!

Episode 6: My Bangladeshi In-Laws!

In this episode, Dr. Amr discusses one of the cross-cultural differences he encountered with his Bangladeshi in-laws. How cultural programming influences us, and how can we deal with it to advance peace!

Episode 7: United Despite Divisions: Shi’a and Sunni of Iraq!

In this episode, Dr. Amr shares an encounter in Iraq that highlights the complexity of the sectarian relations between Shia and Sunni Iraqis, the realities of unity and social cohesion despite political divisions and violence, and the lessons learned not only to Iraqis, but also to many nations in the world.

Episode 8: History as a Peace Maker!

In this episode, Dr. Amr shares stories from Liberia about what peace meant to people suffering from war, and how the history of ethnic relations was used effectively in mediation to stop deadly violence and advance peace between two communities.

Episode 9: Violence against the Poor!

In this episode, Dr. Amr recounts a story from 1980 when he was a district attorney in Heliopolis, Cairo. The story examines the direct, cultural and structural violence that poor people my be subjected to, and our role in the field of peace and conflict resolution to support the weak and to transform such injustices.

Episode 10: Saving Lives during Genocide

In this episode, Dr. Amr discusses the role that Muslims of Burundi and Rwanda played during the war of genocide in 1994. Despite being either Hutu or Tutsi, the Muslims refrained from joining in the war, opened their homes and mosques to those running away, saved thousands of lives, and helped to restore security to their communities.

Episode 11: Forbidden Questions!

In this episode, Dr. Amr recounts two situations he faced in Burundi, once in 1998 and once in 2001. The contrast between the two situations illustrates several lessons for how to make assumptions and design conflict-sensitive approaches to research and evaluation of peacebuilding projects.

Episode 12: What do Girls Want?

In this story, Dr. Amr shares an experience of conducting research in an all-girl-madrassa in Bangladesh in 2004. When he asked the teachers and principal about what the girls needed to improve their educational experience, he was in for a big surprise! See if you can guess!!

Episode 13: Do You Accept this Compromise?

In this episode, Dr. Amr recounts a story about a money dispute he had with a colleague. A common friend suggested a compromise as a way to settle the dispute. Would you have accepted that compromise?

Episode 14: Prophets and Paradise!

In this episode, Dr. Amr shares an encounter during a class in Manila with students from East Asia. Discussions about religion, prophets and paradise showed amazing cultural differences and understandings.

Episode 15: Social Cohesion in Darfur and Kordofan

In this episode, Dr. Amr reveals how his evaluation of a peacebuilding project conducted by UN Environment in Darfur and Kordofan gave him a convincing first-hand understanding of Social Cohesion in action!

Episode 16: Why are You Crying Now?

In this episode, learn why that student was crying in Dr. Amr’s UPEACE office!

Episode 17: Women Re-building Homes and Peace in Burundi

In this episode, Dr. Amr recalls Project “Positive Solidarity” that was conducted by the Women Center of Search for Common Ground in Burundi. The project worked with Hutu and Tutusi women to restore relations and bring back women and families that had to flee their villages during the ethnic was in 1994. Through a careful healing process, followed by joint efforts of both groups to re-build the homes that were destroyed, refugees and internally displaced people returned to their villages. The presence of children in this story is touching!

Episode 18: From Child Soldiers to Child Peace-Makers!

In this episode Dr. Amr shares a story from Sierra Leone about child soldiers who escaped the war and through the radio Program “Golden Kids” helped many other children to abandon the fighting, and to reintegrate in their communities.

Episodio 3: El Hambre! (En Español)

En este episodio, el Dr. Amr comparte su encuentro con miembros del grupo étnico Batwa en Ruanda. ¡Un encuentro que cambia la vida como dice el Dr. Amr!

Episodio 4: Violencia y No Violencia! (En Español)

En este episodio, el Dr. Amr relata una historia real que tuvo lugar en una de sus clases de UPAZ. La historia nos deja muchas preguntas y reflexiones sobre cómo entendemos y practicamos la no violencia.

Episodio 18: De Niños Soldados a Niños Pacificadores (En Español)

En este episodio, el Dr. Amr comparte una historia de Sierra Leona sobre los niños soldados que escaparon de la guerra y, a través del programa de radio “Golden Kids”, ayudaron a muchos otros niños a abandonar la lucha y reintegrarse en sus comunidades.

Episode 19: …but the book does not say this, Prof.!

In this episode, Dr. Amr discusses the dilemmas of applying social research methods such as Interviews and Focus Groups in different parts of the world, where sticking to the book does not work!

Episode 20: Is Conflict Avoidance Good?

In this episode Dr. Amr recounts a story from his childhood that raises questions about whether avoiding conflicts is OK in certain situations, or not!

Episode 21: Movies, Doctorate and Me!

In this episode, Dr. Amr shares how he used Egyptian movies to collect research data for his doctorate dissertation. He now suggests ways he will put the movies to use!