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Publications, Teaching and Training Guides

Here we compiled all publications, teaching and training manuals that have been produced by the In Peace, Amr team.  Please feel free to download, and of course cite us and give us credit when using.

Peace & Conflict Resolution

C.R.T. SIPPABIO: A Model for Conflict Analysis

Peace Research: A Practical Guide and Stories from the Field

Book Chapter: Prospects of Peace and Conflict in the Middle East in the Twenty-First Century

دليل المُصطلحات العربيّة في دراسات السّلام وحلِّ النزاعات

Book Chapter: Egypt- Nonviolent Resistance in the Rise of a Nation-State, 1805-1922

Journal Briefing: The Arab Revolutions of 2011: Roots and Prospects


Dialogue, Facilitation, Negotiation & Mediation

Search for Common Ground: Community Dialogue Design Manual (English)

Search for Common Ground: Community Dialogue Design Manual (Arabic)

UNDP Tunisia: Guide on the Facilitation of Community Dialogue to Prevent Violent Extremism (Arabic)

Preventing Religious Violent Extremism

Book Chapter: Doctrine Revisions: Transforming the Core of Radicalization and Violent Extremism

Africa and the Growth of Violent Radicalization in the Name of Islam: The Need for a Doctrine Revision Approach

Book Chapter: Al-Qaida and Terrorism in the Arab East: Rise, Decline, and the Effects of Doctrine Revisions and the Arab Revolutions

Peace & Conflict: Islamic Perspectives

Peace Education in the Islamic Context: “…Say Peace”- A Conflict Resolution Teaching and Training Manual with Islamic Perspectives

Peace Education: Islamic Perspectives (2009)

Journal Article: Principles Of Islamic Interpersonal Conflict Intervention: A Search Within Islam And Western Literature

Project LIGHT: Grounding Training of Trainers Manual

Project LIGHT: Community Presentation Training Manual

Monitoring & Evaluation

Terminal Evaluation of the UN Environment Project Promoting Peace over Natural Resources in Darfur and Kordofan, Sudan

The Team- Morocco: Baseline and Final Evaluation Report

Evaluation of Talking Drum Studio-Sierra Leone

Evaluation of Search for Common Ground Programs- Burundi

Conflict Mapping and Media Programs Assessment: The Case of Liberia’s Talking Drum Studio


AFRICAN VOICES FROM THE GROUND: Motives, Benefits and Managing Risk of Migration towards Europe

Improving the Quality of Islamic Education in Developing Countries: Innovative Approaches

Bangladesh Educational Assessment: Pre-Primary and Primary Madrasah Education in Bangladesh- Report and Recommendations