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Media Interviews, Articles and Presentations

Over the years, I have been honored to conduct interviews and presentations on different media platforms.  In addition, some articles have been written about my work and activities.  I hope you find them useful.

Watch/Listen: Interviews with Amr

Podcast Interview with PCDN (November 2020)

Dr. Amr Abdalla walks us through his journey in Egypt as a young lawyer and his move to the U.S.  A remarkable, humble, grounded and very wise account of his journey, from recent immigrant research assistant, to PhD, to Vice Rector of the University of Peace and more.

ICAR Alumni Interviews: Amr Abdalla

Dr. Abdalla, of the University for Peace, discusses how his experience at ICAR shaped his current work at UPeace, and his vision for how the two schools can work together (2011)

Skills for Effective Negotiations Interview

Our facilitator Amr Abdalla explains what makes our Skills for Effective Negotiations Course different.

مشروع تعايش أهل الحتة مع برنامج صباح الخير يا مصر – يوليو ٢٠١١

دكتور عمرو يشرح مشروع تعايش أهل الحتة للوقاية من الفتنة الطائفية عن طريق دعم أعضاء المجتمع وتدريبهم على تفعيل الأنذار المبكر المجتمعي و مهارات إدارة وحل وإصلاح النزاع. المشروع تم تنفيذه في الاسكندرية و المنيا و قنا من ٢٠١١- ٢٠١٣ بالتعاون بين جامعة السلام و مركز حُتب للنمو الانساني

Watch: Zoom Presentations by Amr

ما كشفه كوڤيد ١٩: تحديات أيديولوچية وسياسية وثقافية وعدالية

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