In this story, Dr. Amr shares an experience of conducting research in an all-girl-madrassa in Bangladesh in 2004. When he asked the teachers and principal about what the girls needed to improve their educational experience, he was in for a big surprise! See if you can guess!!

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  1. Dr. Amr, I liked the story very much, such researches are really important as it clears mindsets and assumptions toward this kind of schools (Madrassa) or Khalwa/Khalawa in arabic and opens windows to support their other skills…people are naturally talented however it needs someone to discover and support for a better life….
    I believe every place of work or education need the right and proper environment that enables them to do what they have to do very well.

    • Thank you so much Mohamed for your kind comment. Indeed, we need research that is open and that is based on what people share. And then we need the right tools to translate what we learn to something beneficial to the audience. Many thanks again and in peace. Amr

  2. Wow! A basketball court. To be honest with you I expected “women tutors”

    • Thank you Muluka. Good guess, but the girls wanted as priority the basketball court and music instruments. I think as lower priority they asked for more scholastic items.

      Eid Mubarak to you, the family and all your loved ones. In peace. Amr

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