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  1. Hello Amr. Thank you for this story which I enjoyed so much, specially because it took me back to our days at UPEACE.
    I think communication, keeping an open mind and knowing how to listen play a very important role in understanding cultural differences. People tend to avoid anything they consider different, or they do not understand. We should all learn that listening, as you mentioned, and observing will help us understand and even appreciate such differences, we can learn so much from them. Miss you and Sharmin. All the best. Carla

    • Thank you so much dear Carla. I am happy to know that the story was useful. I will publish at least one per week. Indeed, those stories bring back wonderful memories of our work at UPEACE. We all can take great pride in what we achieved. Missing you and your lovely family. Give my best to everyone and hopefully I will see you next time I come to Costa Rica. In peace, Amr

  2. Loved the story and the point you make, Amr! (and it made me miss Sharmin’s cooking!)

    • Thank you so much Mohit. Well, we are waiting for a family visit soon! In peace, Amr

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