Ammar Yasin (Egypt)

Ammar holds a BA degree in Sharia (Islamic Law) and Law from Al-Azhar University, Egypt. He is currently pursuing his practical Diploma in Conflict and Crisis Management from the Faculty of African Postgraduate Studies, Cairo University.

Ammar works as a Freelance Researcher and Content Developer in the area of Peace Education. His areas of expertise include research, writing and preparation of training and teaching guides on Peace and Conflict Resolution for various entities including UNDP, UNESCO Regional Bureau-Beirut, Search for Common Ground (SFCG) and Iraqi Amal Association. In addition He is one of the authors of the first Arabic Glossary in Peace and Conflict Studies in the Arab world, and an Academic curriculum in peace and conflict studies for Iraqi universities (in progress). He also provides copy-editing of Arabic translations of publications.

Ammar’s work with youth, and on issues related to social cohesion and community dialogue, as a Senior Coordinator of Engagement Programming at Soliya six years ago, offers a unique combination of knowledge and experience.

As Dr. Amr’s work often delves into areas related to Islamic perspectives on peace, conflict resolution and de-radicalization, Ammar has been a great asset to Dr. Amr’s projects. He brings deep and enlightened understanding of Islamic sources through 17 years of studies at Al-Azhar University. Ammar provides eloquent, and competent and relevant articulation of issues of peace, conflict, dialogue and de-radicalization with perspectives from Islamic sources.

Ammar was born and raised in Egypt. He lives in Cairo with his wife and son “Malek”. He speaks Arabic and English.