Adha Lone (Kashmir, India)

Adha Lone is currently pursuing her Masters in Development Studies from University of Melbourne, Australia. She has a bachelor in Politics and International Relations from the University of Bristol, UK.

Adha is passionate about conflict resolution and peacebuilding and is academically focused on South Asian politics. Being raised in the midst of conflict she feels a personal drive towards the broader discourse of peacebuilding and conflict resolution as she has seen the negative cost of conflict very closely.  She has independently researched on the International Humanitarian law and its applicability in the context of the Kashmir Conflict and written blog posts about India’s Foreign Policy. She is also an entrepreneur and runs a successful bakery business in her hometown in Kashmir and is proud that it generates employment opportunities to many people in the valley in the midst of the conflict.

Adha has lived in multiple countries (UK & Australia) throughout her adult life. She is currently based in Melbourne, Australia. She is fluent is English, Hindi, Urdu and Kashmiri.